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BAM (Bättre Arbetsmiljö - Better Working Environment), is the gold standard in work environment training and education. The course provides an excellent understanding for how cooperation between employers, union and employee representatives (skyddsombud), and other stakeholders in work environment issues should take place.

With lectures, case-studies and group work, the course will teach participants how an effective work environment can be attained in practice. They will also be given an understanding of the relevant laws which pertain to the work place environment.

Participants on the course will learn


  • Essential knowledge of laws governing work place conditions.

  • An understanding of the roles of the management, union and employee representatives and how cooperation between them is best achieved

  • How to identify and deal with issues (positive and negative) which affect the work environment.

  • Good work place practice to prevent problems emerging.

  • Systematic planning for the work place environment, as specified in the code SAM (AFS 2001:1), which includes the development of risk assessments and action plans.

  • Essential knowledge on how to create and maintain a safety culture.

  • Essential knowledge on the code, Organisatorisk och social arbetsmiljö (AFS 2015:4), and how to prevent stress and bullying in the work place.

  • Essential knowledge on ergonomics in the work place and how to make a risk assessment.

  • Essential knowledge of the handling of drug and alcohol-abuse issues in the work place and how to make a risk assessment.


Target group

Human resources officers, team leaders, management, union and employee representatives.

Pre-requisite knowledge




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